Our Team

Carmine Bausone

Dr. Bausone is the owner of Companion Animal Wellness Center.  He is passionate about combining the best of Western and Eastern medicine to treat and keep your dog, cat and exotic companions healthy and thriving.  

A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Bausone graduated from the University of California at Davis, with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1996.  He has a special interest in working with birds, rabbits, reptiles and other exotic animals and in addition, he has a passion for providing holistic medical therapies to all species.  Dr. Bausone has had extensive training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), and received his Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 2008.  He is also trained in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, which is similar to chiropractic medicine in humans.  Dr. Bausone is skilled in the use of both Chinese and Western herbs, and he uses laser therapy and prolotherapy to help achieve healing for his patients.  With the mantra of “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, Dr. Bausone is keenly interested in dietary therapy and how food is the cornerstone of health and well being.  

Dr. Bausone has lived in San Diego County for over 20 years, and shares his home with his wife, 2 sons and a variety of animal companions.

Amy Lockwood

Dr. Lockwood was born and raised in San Diego, being ever grateful to her parents for moving here from the Ohio so she could grow up in sunny southern California. She did her undergraduate studies in sports medicine at the University of the Pacific and then returned to San Diego for work, further schooling and to start her family. She began her veterinary schooling at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine when her daughter was just 9 months old! Luckily, and with lots of help from family, she graduated in 1997 and has been a practicing small animal veterinarian in North County ever since.

When western medicine alone did not bring consistent relief to her patients, Dr. Lockwood decided to dive into the study of acupuncture with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) in 2009, and has been a certified acupuncturist for over a decade. When one acupuncture professor described Chinese herbal therapy as “acupuncture in a bottle,” she saw the wisdom of further study to expand the reach of her treatments, and completed a course in Chinese Herbal therapy in 2015. Dr Lockwood is passionate about blending high quality traditional western medicine with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cold laser and other therapies, using a tailored approach to foster health and well-being in each patient.

Dr Lockwood is Fear Free Certified, working hard to have each patient’s visit to the hospital be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. She is excited to be a part of Companion Animal Wellness Center- working with such a highly qualified, compassionate, fun and dedicated staff to provide patients with the highest quality integrative medicine brings her joy.

Dr Lockwood lives in Oceanside with her husband and loves spending her time outside of work with her family- human and animal, and working in her organic garden, traveling, reading and dancing.

Carolina Vicario

Dr. Vicario became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at the University of California, Davis. After vet school, she completed additional specialty training with an Internship at the Pet Emergency & Specialty Center in La Mesa. 

After five years practicing Western/Conventional medicine, Dr. Vicario wanted to expand her treatment options and ability to provide preventative care for her patients. Dr. Vicario became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) through the Chi University in Florida. She is currently working on her Veterinary Chinese Herbalist Certification (CVCH) as well. 

Like all staff at CAWC, Dr. Vicario likes to take time to get to know her patients and their families. It is through honest communication and teamwork that we can combine the best medicine Western and Eastern approaches have to offer. The result is an Integrative Medicine plan tailored to each individual pet. 

Dr. Vicario is a local San Diegan (Del Martian), visits her family in Argentina, and is interested in international work and travel. While in veterinary school she conducted research in Nicaragua and South Africa. Dr. Vicario enjoys snorkeling, scuba diving, dancing, vegetarian home cooking and appreciating the nature California has to offer.

Dr. Vicario is fluent in Spanish and available for consults in Spanish. 

Disponible para consultas en Español. 

Dore Pei

Dr. Dore Pei is a proud Chinese-American, born and raised in the Los Angeles area. She graduated UC Irvine with a Biology degree then decided to quench her thirst for adventure and travel by earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Ross University in St. Kitts. Her time in the Caribbean allowed her to appreciate slowing down and enjoy the small things, such as sunsets in thunderstorms and the simplicity of living in a country with no traffic lights! She trained in mixed animal medicine where she was the caretaker of sheep, donkeys, pigs and assorted dogs and cats. Dr. Pei finished her clinical medical rotations at the University of Minnesota, School of Veterinary Medicine then moved back to sunny California to serve as a veterinarian to the San Diego communities in 2013.

Every travel opportunity has allowed her to experience and learn from different fields of veterinary medicine including the integrative aspect of animal wellness. She firmly believes that a balance of mind and body is paramount to a happy healthy life.  

Dr. Pei is a level 3 Fear Free practitioner and is currently working on her acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine certification with Chi University. She shares her life with her husband, two daughters and two dogs. 

John Harrison
Chiropractor, DC, CVCP

Dr. John Harrison has been a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine since 1976. He has made a career of serving his patients in a “wholistic” way, focusing in the area of muscle and structural integrity/correction while using a Kenesiological approach to health and well being.  

He has been an instructor of biomechanics and anatomy, a certified health coach and consultant, and for the past 15 years a certified practitioner of Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation also known as VOM. He has worked closely with Dr. Carmine Bausone for the past 12 years, and is passionate in helping a wide variety of animal patients suffering from muscle and skeletal conditions and weaknesses. 

Dr. John believes in providing compassionate service to all of his patients and clients, using his skills in tandem with the veterinarians at CAWCC to give the best care possible for the animal’s health and long term recovery.

Dr. John is married and a family man, with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  He is an avid surfer, a practicing yogi, and one who loves to use the best techniques and approaches for both human and animal conditions. He feels that Companion Animal Wellness Center is the best of all worlds, with its caring and compassionate group of technicians and doctors working hard together for the benefit of their animal patients. 

Myra McHenry
Practice Manager/RVT

Myra is the Practice Manager of Companion Animal Wellness Center and is a licensed Registered Veterinary Technician.  A lifelong lover of animals, Myra knew that she wanted to be in the veterinary medical field by the time she was 3 years old.  She has been working in veterinary medicine for over 30 years, and loves working with clients and their cherished pets.

Born and raised overseas, Myra came to live in California in 1985.  Her parents always considered felines as part of the family, and Myra has continued with this sentiment. Myra has always had a cat companion in her life.  This passion for felines is extended to all animals, and she is dedicated to their care and gentle treatment both in her professional career and personal life. Myra has the highest level of Fear Free Certification and encourages all staff members to adopt these gentle handling techniques for the betterment of our pet companions. 

In addition to her love for felines, Myra has an affinity for training cats and has been deemed by her husband and 2 sons as a crazy cat person, who by the way, are as crazy about their cats as she is!