Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks & Geese

Backyard birds are not just for eggs anymore, they have become a fun and vital part of our families.  The care of these birds is another area of focus at CAWC.  We love our backyard birds!  Because these birds live outside in Southern California, they are exposed to numerous conditions and situations that our indoor birds are not exposed to. They have to deal with heat, cold, parasites, bugs, vermin, and predators to name a few.  Having a good protected enclosure, adequate shade, protection from the elements, and a reliable food and watering system are critically important to maintaining the health of our backyard bird pets.

Husbandry issues such as poor diet, inappropriate footing in the enclosure, poor hygiene, lack of sleep, toxins and many other factors often cause illness in birds.  It is important that food and water are changed and monitored daily along with stool production observations.  As with all birds, this is for help in maintaining proper hygiene as well as to observe any subtle changes that could indicate signs of illness.  Spend a little time each day with your flock to observe any changes in behavior, activity, or health.  Because birds hide signs of illness, these daily habits will often make the difference in the health and well-being of your pet bird.

A few disease that we commonly see in backyard flocks are: 

  • Egg related disorders

  • External parasites

  • Internal parasites

  • Heat stroke

  • Animal attack

  • Eye infections

  • Sinus infections

  • Respiratory infections

  • Fungal infections

  • Maggots

  • Cancer

  • Bumblefoot

  • Crop infections

  • Ingestion of foreign objects

  • Mate trauma

  • Fowl pox

  • Black head

  • Marek’s disease

  • Newcastle’s disease.